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Equal In-sight has developed an innovative 

methodology to combine the technical analysis of data science with the richness of qualitative enquiry.

We approach Equality, Diversity and Inclusion from a structural approach, working with organisations to identify the gaps in social networks, policy and governance that engrain inequalities within the structure of organisations. 

By identifying these gaps, we can use social science methods to interpret the systems that lead to issues like gender pay gaps, inequalities in progression, retention, promotion and training. 

Our holistic approach concentrates on governance structures and organisation level interactions in order to create a more inclusive culture. 

We encourage organisation to work towards system level approaches to tackle enduring inequalities in the workplace.  

By taking a systems level approach we encourage organisations become more adaptable and responsive 

Our research has found that existing approaches focus on either single, isolated issues or on individuals from minoritised or marginalised backgrounds.


These approaches often fail to address the underlying causes by only emphasising the visible symptoms. This results in short-term fixes rather than long term, sustainable solutions.


In other words, such approaches will not lead to change.

We mainstream approaches to equality and inclusion that target structural bias and inequality, thus moving from “access and opportunities” to “equity and equality of outcomes”.

We believe this approach is new, exciting and has the power to enact positive organisational change.

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