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We are a group of leading researchers based at the University of Bristol working on in the area of social justice, equality, and transformation. Building on our expertise we have developed an innovative, technology-based solutions to transform your approach to organisational governance and inclusion. 

We’re a fully interdisciplinary team using

the elements of machine learning and quantitative data science alongside qualitative inquiry. 

The Gender Research Centre

The University of Bristol SPAIS Gender Research Centre (GRC) is a hub for interdisciplinary research on gender, politics, society and intersectionality.  The GRC is a leading centre for research on persistent gendered inequalities that exist both in the UK and around the world. Understanding gender as a structure of power, our research seeks to understand its impact on everyday life as well as social, political and economic institutions.

Roberta Guerrina

Roberta Guerrina is Professor in Politics and Director of the Gender Research Centre at the University of Bristol.

She is a specialist in the politics of gender, with a particular interest in EU politics, policy making processes, and gender mainstreaming. She has published in the area of women’s human rights, work-life balance, and the Women Peace & Security Agenda. At present she is working on Feminist Foreign Policy, the evolution of gender regimes in the context of crisis; gender and leadership

during Covid-19, and equality governance for social justice outcomes.

She is visiting professor at the College of Europe in Bruges and co-editor of the Journal of Common Market Studies. 

Jess Brown

Jess Brown is a Research Associate at the University of Bristol where she works on the Equal Insight project.

Her research looks at the intersections between class and gender. She is particularly interested in organistional cultures, behaviours and inclusive practice. She is a current doctoral student at Oxford Brookes University in Education. Her previous research has included working as part of the Bristol Model project where she looked at social mobility in SME's. She is a graduate of the University of Manchester (2011, 2012) and Oxford Brookes University (2018). 

Julian Jantke

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